Color-A-Thon offers fun way to donate

David Rudy jr

With the many different ways to donate some wonder which way is the best. While donating to a charity no matter which way is great, color runs like the Color-A-Thon that occurred this past weekend create a rewarding experience along with the good feeling of knowing the money is going towards a good cause.

Donating the $30 fee got the participants a T-shirt and allowed them to participate in the 5k run. The $30 went to an amazing organization named Avedium. Avedium is a school organization that helps spread positivity throughout the school. They do this in various methods from having compliment stations throughout the school to painting positive messages in the hallway windows leading to the gym.

The Color-A-Thon provides a fun time for all participants by giving them a rewarding experience. Instead of walks for charity, the Color-A-Thon had participants running from station to station getting splashed in a multitude of colors which added to the fun of running with friends.

If people who wanted to participate this year did not sign up or missed the deadline no worries. Another event is being planned for next year here in Altoona. This move makes it more convenient for Altoona residents, but it will still be available to anyone in the Blair County area.