Stranger Things in 1980’s

11 reasons why you should watch Stranger Things

Emily Rentz

If you haven’t had someone chew off your ear about the greatness of the eight-part, sci-fi horror series Stranger Things yet, just you wait.

The Netflix series caused a stir among film buffs for its incredible mix of plotlines, nostalgic 80’s references and an ace soundtrack. There are so many great reasons why someone who watches Netflix daily should watch this show.

Reason 1. Will Byers, who is the son of Joyce Byers and the brother to Jonathan Byers gets abducted in the first episode.

Reason 2. Eleven, the mysterious, other-worldly girl who Mike, Lucas and Dustin stumble upon when looking for Will. At first they’re cautious of her, but Eleven soon becomes their friend in spite of their reservations. She also has superpowers!

Reason 3. Nancy Wheeler, sister to Mike Wheeler, finds out her friend Barb goes missing, she devotedly joins Jonathan to find out what’s going on.

Reason 4. Joyce Byers, the devoted mother whose son’s disappearance drives her a little crazy. But despite doubts and accusations, she never stops searching.

Reason 5. Dustin Henderson, is one fourth of the gang of friends that go in search for their friend Will, along with Mike and Lucas. Dustin is loveable, funny, but mostly loyal and gives the show a little laugh.

Reason 6. Lucas Sinclair,  another pal of Will’s who’ll do just about anything to get his friend back, even if it means falling out with other friends along the way and risking his life.

Reason 7. Mike Wheeler, the devoted friend of Will, whose determination to find his best friend is unwavering. He will do anything to stand up for his family and friends.

Reason 8.  Jim Hopper, plays the brooding cop who leads the investigation to find Will Byers. He’s also got a sad past, only fully developes into in the later episodes…

Reason 9. Dr. Martin Brenner, the manipulative scientist in charge of Hawkins Laboratory and the experiments performed there. He’s cold, evil and totally creepy.

Reason 10. Jonathan Byers, the concerned, introvert brother of Will Byers in the series. Though he’s a bit of a social outsider, his determination to find his brother drives him through…

Reason 11. Finally, the show gave even more exciting talent with the predominantly young cast in place.