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This week’s restaurant is Arby’s I will be going to different food places around town and eating food that has as many calories as possible. Health nuts beware

Willow Yingling

The famous Arby’s with a large cowboy hat serves roast beef sandwiches.  There are currently around 3,300 restaurants.  The food chain opened up in 1964 by two brothers.

This time of adventuring to a restaurant consisted of a Beef ’n Cheddar, orange cream shake, curly fries and mozzarella sticks.

The average Beef’n Cheddar is about 560 calories. The orange cream shake is 660 calories.  A large curly fry is 650 calories.  Finally six mozzarella sticks is 650 calories.  All together that is 2,520 calories! That is a huge amount of calories going into a person’s body.

The Beef’n cheddar was an experience.  Not the best experience but nonetheless an experience. It is a somewhat large sandwich.  It has roast beef, cheese and some weird spicy sauce. It was a decent sandwich.  It definitely was not the best since it had a lot of weird textures, and since roast beef is not the best meat there is.  People that like somewhat spicy and roast beef would love this.

Onto the orange cream shake now.  It was a really good shake.  It tasted like fluffy oranges into a shake.  It was really good and a definite recommendation.

Curly fries are the best type of fries.  They are a curly delight.  They are simply amazing and salty.

The mozzarella sticks also did not let down.  They were crunchy with a lot of cheese in the middle.  They were juicy and great.  Mozzarella sticks are pretty amazing, Arby’s nailed them.

Arby’s has decent sandwiches, amazing sides and shakes. It is a recommendation to everyone that is interested in good food.