Dress code revisions suggested

Emily Rentz

Think you have your wardrobe all planned for next year? Think again.

The AAJHS may be changing the appearance violations. No actual clothing decisions have been made but there won’t be a major difference. The main proposal is that facial piercings and unnatural hair color may be allowed.

“The proposal has a lot to do with the appearance violations. Facial piercings and hair color are not going to be violations,” Assistant Principal Jerry Koehle said.

Our society has come to a conclusion that it‘s normal now to see students and adults with abnormal hair coloring and facial piercings. Students should definitely be able to embrace their own individual self to bring out the best in them. Students in the past have gotten in trouble for  expressing themselves through unnatural hair color and facial piercings. This won’t be much of a problem now.

Many students have strong feelings toward these future changes. Both of these new changes won’t be that much of a distraction. Some agree with one of the changes over the other.

“I believe that nose piercings aren’t a distraction compared to unnatural hair color,” ninth grader Marissa Johannides said.

Unnatural hair color or facial piercings have NOT actually been passed. This is just a recommendation.

“Before any of these changes are made, the school board must approve them first. By the beginning of the next school year the school board should approve it in the student code of conduct,” Principal Lori Mangan said.