In a Country World; It’s all about country music, upcoming concerts and artists of the week

Scotty McCreery at Disney Hollywood Studios. Courtesy of

Scotty McCreery at Disney Hollywood Studios. Courtesy of

Artists of the week:

1. Scotty McCreery

2. Eric Church

Summary of the top two below:

Scotty McCreery started on American Idol. He went all the way and won at the end. I watched this season. I became a big fan of him from then on. His voice sounds like an angel when he sings. His music inspires me. He is young for his career, and he is doing good so far.

Eric Church has been a country singer for awhile now. He comes on the radio once in awhile. When he comes on I blast the music. He is a very good country artist.

Facts about the above Artists:

What’s happening now with the Artists:

Scotty McCreery is having a 2013 tour so look it up, and go! He is living two lives he has his singing career to work with, and he goes to college because he is young.

Eric Church is also having a tour in mid April.