Cardboard Gamer

David Rudy

This Week’s topic: Pictionary

Time to get pencils and paper since this week’s topic is Pictionary. Pictionary is the game where players attempt to draw an object for others to guess.

About the game

Pictionary is about making attempts to draw pictures for fellow teammates to guess so your team can get to the end of the board. As players go across the board, they pick up a card for them to draw. Only one player on the team knows what the card is so he or she has to draw the picture to the best of his or her ability so the others can guess.

My thoughts 

Pictionary is a great game for any occasion, and unlike most games the more people you have the better. Pictionary is an amazing party game for large groups, but I would rather choose to play Catan or Colt Express if given the options when playing with friends. Pictionary also makes a great game for family game night if the other options start to get stale. I would recommend this game for family game nights and for a great party game.