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photo courtesy of motddb

photo courtesy of motddb

photo courtesy of motddb

Morbus is a new game that has recently come out on Garry’s mod.    The point of the game is to survive or it is to kill all the humans.  This fun game has a lot of guns, has multiple objectives and the aspect of the game is awesome.

This game has different types of characters.  There are Humans who try to find guns and survive the outbreak.  Then there are Brood Aliens who try to kill all the humans, but they look like humans who can change into an Alien at any point in time to try and kill the humans.  Brood Aliens can also use weapons that they find.  Then there are Swarm Aliens, the player can become this if they die by a alien in front of people or if they die when they are a Brood Alien.

This game has a lot of weapons that can be used.  There are shotguns, machine guns, submachine guns, rifles and pistols and there are a variety of each.  In the submachine gun category there are ump-45s and mac-10s for example.  Each weapon in my opinion is better than others.  My favorite is the shotgun, it will kill anything with 2-3 shots.  my second favorite would have to be submachine guns.  They give a lot of power in a quick click.  Pistols are good to have, but I never found myself using it because I can just switch from my shotgun to a submachine gun really fast.

There are multiple objectives the player has to do during the round.  That’s right as aliens are trying to kill the player he has to run and take a shower or get something to eat.  If the player does not complete the task they die.  If the player tries to do these objectives, the scariest thing happens his or her screen goes completely black for 8 seconds, and the player is unable to leave before the time is up.  At this time the player wants to find someone they can trust to watch their backs or the player can be dead in a heartbeat.

Last, I enjoy the aspect of the game.  The aspect of the game is when the round starts someone is randomly chosen to be the Brood Alien.  That person needs to kill humans without anyone seeing to turn the human into another Brood Alien.  The point of the game for the zombies is to make other Brood Aliens, but the point of the game for the humans are to try and kill all the broad aliens.

In conclusion this game is very enjoyable and pretty good for in a beta stage.  I am giving this game a 3 out of 5 stars because of the glitches, like frozen screen and the game crashing.  Once the creators fix these problems the game will be a lot better and I would then give it a 5 out of 5 stars.