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This week’s restaurant is Domino’s I will be going to different food places around town and eating food that has as many calories as possible. Health nuts beware

Willow Yingling

Domino’s was founded in 1960.  It has been open for 56 years. The founder was Tom and James Monaghan.

James gave up his half to Tom so he could still pursue his career as postman.  Tom’s brother traded his car for the other part of the business.

It is in 75 countries.  There are approximately 11,000 stores open.

It is one of the best pizza chain. It has bomb pizza along with the other foods that are served there.

This week at Domino’s an order for boneless chicken, it is essentially large chicken nuggets, and stuffed cheesy bread was made along with a large mountain dew.

The boneless chicken is 150 calories per “nugget.”  Meaning eight nuggets is 1,200 calories. The cheesy bread is around 156 calories per stick.  Around eight “sticks” are in the serving meaning that is 1,248 calories.  The large mountain dew is around 410 calories. All together that is 2,858 calories!

Boneless chicken, yes it sounds weird, is an alternative to pizza if a person is not feeling the whole pizza “vibe” any given day. The size of these nuggets is huge.  It is like two mcnuggets that were combined, to be honest.  It was crunchy, but the chicken was moist.  It was very tender.  They were a good item since they are kind of spicy, but not so spicy.  It was very good, and a definite recommendation.

The cheesy bread is the greatest creation that was ever invented.  It is the best with the dipping sauce that comes along with an order of the bread.  There are eight slices of the bread.  It was fluffy and warm.  It has a touch of crunchy, too. It also great.  Once a bite was took the cheese was immediately tasted.  It was stringy, and was not dry.
Domino’s  is a great pizza chain.  I personally think it is a great place and an all time favorite. Domino’s is a recommendation to anyone.  It does not just offer pizza there are many other options that can be eaten.