Teachers dress down for charity

Cameron Havens

Every Friday, the teachers dress down in a designated district shirt and a pair of jeans to raise money for students and the community. For some special days teachers also purchase additional shirts for other charities.

At the beginning of the year, teachers receive order forms to purchase AASD polo shirts in order to partake in these dress down days. They are also able to purchase fleece jackets, dress shirts and other attire as per their preferences.

“I enjoy having a day that is a little bit easier to pick my wardrobe and feel a little more comfortable during the day.  Supporting the PBS special events is a fun way to get involved with students. Supporting local communities through special paid fundraisers is a great way to raise awareness about an issue and to be able to contribute to a good cause,” ninth grade art teacher Jessica Miller said.

On some dress down days, teachers were able to wear different shirts in place of AASD attire for specific causes.

“There were three days in particular that we were allowed to wear something other than our school polo. Those days were Relay for Life and jersey day. Also, we were allowed to wear jeans in support of sexual violence awareness, but that lasted the entire year,” Miller said.

The teachers who decided to “dress down” were able to raise about $7,000 for various charities. Money also directly funded activities within the school.

Any teacher was allowed to get involved in dress down days, and some may even say that it is a “crucial element of their week.” Not only did teachers enjoy the added comfort of jeans and more casual shirts, but they were able to benefit the students and community with their generosity.