Trump administration changes school food guidelines

Stevie Hoover

With a new administration in the Executive Branch, changes are going to be made. The previous First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, was instrumental in setting food guidelines for schools to follow that a majority of students did not like. Students were forced to get food that they did not want, so a lot of it was ending up in the trash.

The new U.S Department of Agriculture decided to cut back nutrition guidelines for federally subsidized school meals. The new guidelines will allow for more flexibility for what students get for lunch revolving around grains, milk and salt.

Schools will no longer need to be very strict about lowering the sodium level in their food, and they do not have to have 100% whole grains for all of their food. Students will also be able to get one percent flavored milk instead of fat-free flavored milk. There are no changes about fruits or vegetables. The new guidelines will go into effect starting the 2017-18 school year.

So what does this mean for students? It means that they will no longer need to get foods or drinks they don’t like, excluding fruits and vegetables.

This also means  lunches will not be as healthy as they used to be. This can be good or bad in students eyes. Some may enjoy these changes because they can get food that they like more than what was offered before. Other students may not like these changes because they like eating healthier or have certain health problems that require them to eat healthier foods.

The verdict is still out until next year when these changes take place.