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This is an example of Apollo, the German Shepard puppy.

This is an example of Apollo, the German Shepard puppy.

This is an example of Apollo, the German Shepard puppy.

Among the many different types of dogs, one of the most loyal is the German Shepherd. Many families choose German Shepards because they are loyal and make good family dogs. Nathan Alverson recently purchased a German Shepard puppy.

“We’ve only had him for three days. His name is Apollo,” Alverson said.

When they are puppies, German Shephards are playful but need instruction. It is a good idea to train them yourself or put them in obedience school.

“Apollo likes to bite. He bites everything,” Alverson said.

 German Shephard puppies are known for their chewing issues. In order to keep this problem under control they should be given chew toys. They may chew on furniture if they aren’t being watched, so they should always be under supervision.

Besides toys, the puppies need other care. They are full of energy so they should be exercised regularly and taken for walks. They always should have a full water bowl and proper food measurements. The vet will recommend the amount of food the puppy should be eating. When they are puppies, they should be taken outside every half hour to get used to going the bathroom outside.

The dogs are very playful. They are energetic and love games like fetch, tug-o-war and frisbee. They also do many puppy antics.

“He chases his tail around and tries to bite it,” Alverson said.

Before anyone gets a German Shepard puppy, he or she should make sure they are able to take care of it. These dogs require a lot of love and attention. Other than that, they make a really loyal and well trained dog.