Ninth grade football game

Altoona ninth grade football team plays Hempfield and achieved a massive goal by winning.


Caley Galarneau

Awesome! The AAJHS ninth grade football team is playing at mansion park and is doing very well. On Thursday, Sept. 22 Altoona’s ninth grade football team played Hempfield and won with a score of 36-8.
Stretch! One of the feature majorettes, Lexi Starr, is practicing to go on the field and perform! Lexi had an amazing performance without dropping her baton.
Watch and observe! Ninth grader Cameron Outten is standing on the sideline watching the game as Hempfield suffers a major loss. On September 22, 2017 Altoona took the win majorly with the help of Cameron.
Fun under the lights! Eighth graders Jenna Williams, Lexi Starr, and freshman Makenna Murphy are having fun after their favorite cheer, Sweet Caroline! The girls put on an outstanding performance and helped the cheerleaders by gaining more Altoona spirit.
Put your hands up high and your feet down low to do the wigglo with the Altoona Jr. High cheerleaders! Freshman Madison Detwiler is leading the cheerleaders with wigglo and is getting the band involved. The cheerleaders were very loud and had a large amount of spirit!
Get serious! During the football game, our cheer squad is getting ready to do some stunts. For this stunt the flyer did a back hand spring into the stunt! It looked amazing and every girl nailed it!
Attention!! Freshman Brennan Dugan is starting a cheer with the band and all eyes are on him. In the third quarter, Dugan started “The Boat Song”, which is one of the bands favorite cheers, to get the football players pumped up!
Get ready to play! Freshman Rylan Baylor, and one of the band front directors are talking about playing the songs. Shortly after everyone in the band hit every note and played “George”.
Run! At Mansion park, Altoona’s ninth grade football team is playing against Hempfield. With Altoona’s amazing performance, Hempfield did not score as many points as Altoona did.