September 6 and 8 volleyball


Numbers eighteen Brooke Davis and number eleven Macy Yost switch out and number eight Niya Perez and number ten Morgan Stevens switch out .
You got this!
Numbers 1 and 14 Ashlee Moyer and Nyleah Strobel give advice to number 1 on the bench so she can keep her head up and keep trying.
Lets go team!
As the girls sit on the bench and support their teammates they are hoping that they can pull through for the win.
Break time
After a long time of hard work this Jr.lady spiker is ready for a break and is going to the bench to take one.
Warm ups.
As the girls get ready to take on the lady tigers they have some fun warming up to get ready to play.

As the girls are playing number 10 watches her fellow teammate number play the game and hopefully score for Altoona.
On September 6th 2017 number twenty, Sofia Veniziano and number one, Ashlee Moyer work together to make the next play.

Number 24 Allie McCully and number 3 Ashlee Moyer work together to help their defense to get the next play going against the Jr.Lady tigers.

Number 14 Nyleah Stroble is on defense getting ready for the next play and is working hard to get the game going.

Time Out!

The girls are taking a time out to stop and think about the plays and what their next play is going to be. They are taking time to think and work on their play.