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A man jumps off of a Cliff in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo credit: Flickr.com Photo by: Justin Ornella

A man jumps off of a Cliff in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Photo credit: Flickr.com
Photo by: Justin Ornella

I would love to go cliff diving someday. I’m not afraid to jump off a cliff into the ocean. There are hundreds of spots all over the world that are most famous for cliff diving spots including in Hawaii, Jamaica, Australia and Switzerland. Hawaii, is the most local one.

Hawaii is a great cliff diving destination because of its tropical climate and its many volcanic cliff banks. There are several different diving spots in Hawaii with different heights and different risk factors of cliff diving. People who are afraid of heights might not want to try cliff diving because it seems like it would really be scary.

The South Point Cliffs, located at the southernmost point of the United States, are a popular cliff diving spot. The secluded cliffs reach heights between 30 and 50 feet and are surrounded by the beautiful sights  of the Pacific Ocean.

Many people may chicken out knowing that the conditions at the South Point cliffs  are considered extremely dangerous due to the strong currents, fluctuating tides, and sharp rocks, the South point Cliffs are still a favorite among many cliff divers.

The water around South Point really shows how powerful the ocean can be. Strong winds from the east make the ocean even worse. Basically, the area to the east of the point is almost always rough and unsuitable for swimming, and diving. So, I wouldn’t recommend jumping off the cliff there.

The area to the west of the point is protected from the wind, so people who want to cliff dive would love this area. The deep blue waters just below the cliffs are easy to get too because of the ladders connected to the old boat hoists. These reach up from the surface to the top of the cliffs and make exiting the water possible after jumping in for a thrill.

People who might chicken out can enjoy the view from the top of the cliffs. Swimming in the waters below the cliffs is always a thrill because, let’s face it, people would be treading in deep uncertain waters at the bottom of a tall cliff in an area barely sheltered from powerful winds. I would be a pretty cool story to tell a friend.

Cliff diving will be one scary thing to do but the thrill and excitement might be worth it. Check out this website for more information on where to cliff dive. https://plus.google.com/100615543790814948429/about?gl=us&hl=en