Girls’ soccer remains undefeated


Riley Steinbugl , Reporter

 Girls’ soccer finished out their season with a record of 17-0-1.

The team has been competing against other schools since Sept. 5. Coached by Jill Lane and assistant Coach Jeff Lane, athletes have been practicing almost everyday since the start of school.

“I love the experience playing with the team, and everyone is very nice. Everyone puts in 100% and everybody works their best,” seventh grade mid-holding defensive Leah Degennaro said.

It is Degennaro’s first year playing with the team.  

The team played many schools such as Bedford, Park Forest, Tyrone and DuBois.  They had an undefeated season but ended one of their games with a tie.

“We had to realize that we need to work on things because of the tie we got and not everybody is perfect. It was a very tough team,” eighth grade left defender, Danielle Mueller said. “I think we are a pretty good team.”

It is Mueller’s second year playing for the school. 

The girls worked on shooting goals and defensive and offensive strategies.

“It takes a lot of hard work to get where we are,” Mueller said. “I really like playing for the school, I love the experience.”

The girls’ finished out their season with a home game on Oct. 19 with a win against Bedford.

Next year’s season will bring in new seventh grade players, and the team will start up practices at the beginning of the next school year.