Theme games highlight varsity football season


9th grade football players watch from the sidelines as the mountain lions starting line up started the game. Photo by:Jocelyn Fetter

Jocelyn Fetter


The Freshman football team played eight games this season- rain or shine, ending the season with a record of 6-2.

During the season, players supported cancer awareness with a pink out game and experienced a blast from the past with a throwback game.

“We came up with the idea of having these games within a couple of student council homeroom periods,” ninth grade student council adviser Jessica Hogan said. “I have fun planning these different activities because it’s nice to keep things different,” Hogan said.

The pink out game was on Oct. 12, against Central Catholic. The game ended with an loss of 24-6.There was a tailgate held prior to the game for ninth grade students to attend.

“The pink out game as suggested by Mrs. Barry-Kyle, the cheerleading coach and the football team,” Hogan said  “We have been doing them for about five or six years, and on about the third or fourth year of doing it, Mrs.BK was diagnosed with breast cancer.”  

“I think it was a really nice thing, to dress up in pink, and go out and play to support those who had cancer. My gram had cancer so it was meaningful to me to play for her, I had her name written on my arm,” ninth grade football player (defensive end and tight end) Colin Allmond said.  

“I think it’s really cool because it shows people that have had cancer, that we support them, and it makes them feel good. My aunt Brenda had breast cancer for seven years, but she beat it,”  Layla Shelow, ninth grade (base) cheerleader said

“I have a lot of fun doing it, and setting it up. I try to keep it different. I want to keep the school fun and I think it’s cool to just look around and see crowds of pink,” Hogan said  

During the game, students, teachers and family members also celebrated the last home game of the season at Mansion Park. At the game, the leaders recognized students who have been working in the auxiliary band, football players and cheerleaders.  

“I feel like I did good, but we could’ve done better. We did good, but we should play tougher teams. It would be great if we went undefeated,” Allmond said.

“I feel the hardest part of this season was trying to attend every game,” Shelow said.

As ninth graders, most athletes have been practicing that specific sport for a while, and they probably have their own likes and dislikes about things.

 “I did elementary cheer, but this is my first year in junior high, and I like that I know everyone, and we all get along and can have fun. My favorite cheer is ‘Clap your hands.’ My least favorite cheer is ‘Wigalow,’ because we have to ask the majorettes, the band, the color guard, the drumline and then we ask the student section, Mr. Martin and Mrs BK, so we have to ask a lot of people and it just takes a lot of time,”Shelow said.

“It feels like I know I’m supposed to be there with those people. I feel like we could work on our blocking skills and staying together as a team and not getting down when we’re losing,”Allmond said.

“I feel the hardest part of the season was trusting each other that we’re going to win together and playing Central Catholic. I would like to add more games onto the season so we can play more games with the team we have now,”Allmond said.

“I love football games, the only bad thing about it is, not enough kids come to them. I love watching our football team because they’re Awesome! It’s also great to just watch them grow in the classroom and on the field,” Hogan said.  

On Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 the throwback game at Mansion took place. It was against Hollidaysburg the biggest rival the team would face this season. The game was left with a 14-7 win. Ninth grade players wore Altoona’s old  junior high school Roosevelt’s jersey during the game, as they honored the old school’s football team. In the following years, they will wear Keith and Logan’s jerseys as well.

“I think it’s really nice that we got to wear them, and I feel like the games are going to be how they used to be, and there’s probably going to be bigger crowds.  I really liked that we got to buy them too.”Allmond said  “My mom attended Roosevelt and my dad attended Keith”

“The administrative is really cooperative and they help a lot with setting up the different themes and they really help to make it fun.”Hogan said.  

“With the season coming to an end, I would like to add more games onto the season so we can play more games with the team we have now.” Allmond said.