Editorial: Sports announcements needed


Sydney Wilfong

Watch out! Ethan Little dropkicks a soccer ball as he prepares for his final game of the boys’ soccer season.

Recently, announcements about how the sports teams are doing have been eliminated in the morning. The announcements that used to be made about the sports teams included who did really well that game and if the team won or lost. Now the announcements just include club information.

Sports announcements should be put back on the morning announcements because that’s the only reason why people listen to the announcements, to hear about how good they are at sports and to glow with pride at their accomplishments.

Sports announcements are important to hear because they boost self confidence of the students whose names are announced. Students feel proud of themselves and accomplished when they hear their name on the announcements. If they did good in a meet, game or match they deserve to be recognized.

Sports announcements should also be put back on because sports are part of the school. School sports are just as important to hear about as clubs and academic teams. Sports are a big part of what the school does. The sports teams represent the school, so they should get recognized for it. Although the school emails the teachers the announcements and they are supposed to read them out loud, many teachers don’t read them out loud everyday. Whether they forgot or they just don’t care, it is unlikely that it happens.

Also sports announcements should be put back on because if students are no longer being recognized for how well they do, then they might not try as hard. Because of that, the teams could become worse and that would reflect poorly back on the school. For example, if soccer players no longer get recognized for how well they do, they might not see the point in trying anymore since nobody hears about it anyway. So then they stop trying and their team starts losing.

Some people say that they shouldn’t put the sports announcements back on because it cuts into class time; however, most of the time the sports announcements only add a few minutes onto the announcements. There are only a few times when it seriously cuts into class time. If the teachers don’t finish their lesson plans then they can just give remaining work as homework for first period. Most students wouldn’t care about having a little bit of extra homework.

A proposition to handle this situation is to put the sports announcements back on but make sure they will only take about two minutes so that everyone is happy. If they are running short on the time they have left, they can just say the most important points about the sports and not say the rest.

The school should put the announcements back on.  Students are very upset. Everyone needs to voice their opinions on this issue to the point where it reaches the school officials.