Editorial: Students protest new football rules


Joleyna Martino

Jack Hatch cheers on the ninth grade football team on Thursday, Oct. 12, against Central Catholic.

In 2017, there was an addition to the rules for the students attending high school football games. This change has decreased the interest of Friday night games, and it has outraged students.

The new rules are unnecessary and now students are finding other activities to do instead of going to the restricted football games. The new rules state students can not bring backpacks or bags into the stadium. Skateboards, scooters or footballs can not be brought into the stadium either. The students who ride bikes and scooters to the footballs will now be searching for rides to the football games; this will make their nights more complicated. This adjustment causes issues in many different ways, students who need to carry equipment for school subjects such as news writing and yearbook are going to struggle to get their cameras inside the stadium to take photos.

Another favorite thing to do at the football games is to walk around the perimeter of the track; this has also been limited to just the home side. This rule is what has enraged the students the most and caused them to spend their Friday nights at home. Ninth grader Olivia Plowman had a strong reaction to the rules.

“Walking around the track at the football games is what made them fun for us. I feel like the new rules are just going to make the sales plummet,” Plowman said.

The restrictions have made entering the stadium more complicated and now parents of the football players may decide to stay home because of the new rules. How are they supposed to support the players with all the restrictions?

To make the games more interesting, they should allow the students to have their freedoms and walk around. Adding more security to the games is the solution to Mansion Park problem.  Students causing trouble should be asked to leave and not everyone should be penalized for those who can’t behave

The new rules have made nobody happy, the students should be able to have Friday nights to spend with their friends and to enjoy their time. It’s about time that the school district notices this and let’s the students resume their regular routines!