Making a mark

Chastity Brunner, Reporter

Steps to successfully painting.

Painting a moon rise 

Painting. The very best way to let out all of your emotions, time to get out your paint and paper.

The most substantial thing for painting is making sure that you have paint. You can’t really make a painting without paint. So go run to the store, or go in that craft room in your house and gather a few paints and some paper.

When painting, make sure you use a variety of different colors. You definitely want to use the color wheel. The color wheel is a wheel that goes from red to purple. So, you want to stay primarily close to the same color you started with depending on what exactly you are painting. If for example, you want your painting to be very dreary you want to paint with dark colors. If you want to paint something happy you want to stick to primarily bright colors.

Materials needed:

-Four paint colors (I chose blue, purple, black and white)

-Paint brushes



Step one: Pick colors that are most appealing to you that make you think of moon rises. In my case, I chose blue, black and purple to represent the moon appearing at night.

Step two: Use a color and make one straight line across close to the middle of your paper. I chose black to make mine seem more dusky. Be sure to keep a little room at the bottom so you can add in more details in the end.

Step three: Use another color such as black to make different angled lines and fill them in to represent mountains.

Step four: On top of your mountain shapes use a color such as white then keep doing layers with other colors until you get to the top of the page. Again, I used purple, blue and black. Be sure to keep blending them together so you don’t have just lines of different colored paint on top of each other also.

Step five: Use a color such as grey or white and draw a moon (it can be a circle or crescent), and put it in the corner of your paper.

Step six: Under your mountains, use paints to make your water under the mountains.  Use the same colors as you did to blend at the top of your paper if you would like. Then mix in a color such as white to make it look like the water is moving.

Step seven: Get your paint brush with a color such as white and keep hitting the brush off of your fingers to make stars at the top of your page.

Step eight: Wait for your painting to dry, then sign your signature on the painting so you always get credit!

Step nine: Hang your painting up and voila you have a new wall decal.