Peyton Shaffer, Reporter

This blog is about the many stories that I have had in my life so far, whether it be about my family, school, drama or self problems.

In my interesting life, I have many stories to share with you.  But in this personal story, I am going to tell you something I personally remember with very much passion.

Around December in 2009, we totally got nailed with a huge snow storm that was about three feet tall.  Almost all of us were in first grade, so we for sure know it was taller than the majority of us.  For some of you this is new news, but for most who know me or are friends with me on social media, you know my brother Dylan Shaffer.  Dylan was in fifth grade at this time, and my dad made my brother shovel the driveway with him.  Once they were all done with shoveling the driveway, Dylan decided to shovel a path through the little hill in the front lawn. So obviously I’m decided to follow him as well.  

Then a few minutes after, there’s a path for me to walk and for Dylan to not fall through.  He tells me to just start making a bowl shape in the ground with the rest of the packing snow.  I was little so I was already going to do anything Dylan told me to because he’s older than me so why not.

About an hour went by and Dylan and I had officially made the bottom of an igloo.  Then it was time to do the top.  Yes, we knew we couldn’t really make a top with just snow and no blocks of ice, but man did we try.  We made the biggest packing snow fort that we had ever made.  

We cooped that place up so much to the point where we had food and drinks.  We also even made our own seats.  The easiest way to make a chair to fit your body in the snow is to just sit down in the spot where you want it to be, then take your glove and smooth the packing snow down to the point where it is somewhat icy on top.

We truly tried to make this igloo one of the best things ever, and we forgot about making the igloo or fort and focused on making memories with each other.

After the fun has came to an end,  Dylan and I went back inside and stripped off our freezing cold, wet and messy snow pants, snow coat, gloves, boots, socks and headbands in our room.  It was way too gross to be honest.  Wet clothes just sticking to your body? No thank you. Anyways, then we put on our sweatpants and baggy shirts. After we were done defrosting ourselves by drinking hot chocolate, we ate moms’ amazing cooking.  

This is truly one of my favorite memories with my brother Dylan.  Thank you for letting me share this story time.  Until next time!