Varsity chorus puts on annual holiday concert


Chastity Brunner

The baritone section sings multiple songs at the varsity chorus concert on Dec. 1. The baritones led the choir to a standing ovation at the end.

Morgan Baker, Reporter

On Dec. 1, 2017 the varsity chorus, consisting of eighth and ninth grade, put on the annual holiday concert in the auditorium to celebrate the holiday season.

The concert started off with the vocal ensemble. They sang “Everybody Rejoice”, which had four solos. Those solos went to Wes Lane, Ashlee Moyer, Luke Rokosky and Khloe Stoltenberg.

The whole chorus then followed up the vocal ensemble. There were two solos in “Amid the Falling Snow” which were sung by Elly Eisel and Kaelab Ruggles. Paige Vallei, Piper Vallei and Wes Lane played percussion instruments in “A la Media Noche”.

“I enjoyed the songs we sang because the harmonies went together nicely,” ninth grader Elizabeth Frank said. “The songs were also fun and had to do with the holidays.”

“This Winter’s Night is my favorite song out of the ones we sang because I am a soprano and got to sing the high notes,” Frank said.

Sopranos sing the highest notes in the chorus.

“I think the audience liked Holiday Sing Along the best because they got to sing along with us,” Frank said.

The audience got to interact with the chorus by singing along to classic holiday songs with them.

“I think that Mrs. Connell is a good teacher because she makes the class fun and easy and she makes us laugh at the concerts by making funny faces,” Frank said.

Mrs. Jamie Connell works with the chorus on their songs for their concerts.

The varsity chorus will hold their last concert of the year in the spring, most likely in May. Until then they will choose and work on their songs for the next concert.