Shaffer’s storytime

Shaffers storytime

Peyton Shaffer, Reporter

This blog is about the many stories that I have had in my life so far, whether it be about my family, school, drama or self problems.

Hello everybody! I’m back as promised and man do I have another story time for you!

In this storytime, I am going to tell you guys about a camping trip I went on this past summer with my family and who used to be one of my best friends. For personal reasons I’m going to change the names because it’s my life, and I don’t really want many people to know who it was all with. I hope all of you can understand that.

My best friend at this time was “Jen.”  Jen and I went on a drive with my dad around 8 in the morning so we would get to our campsite around 9-ish. This campsite wasn’t just here’s some trees and water.  It was a small little island where everyone would help each other out and be nice to each other unlike most Altoona people who live here. Obviously, we would set up and it would take a while because we also had my uncle, John, friends along with us and had to pick some of them up on a boat of my uncles at another campsite as well.

When we got to our campsite and set our stuff up, we finally went on the boat and were on our way to get John’s friends.  Along the way to get them, the boat completely broke down, and we were just in the middle of Raystown lake.

Jen and I were about to lose our actual minds we were all like, “Oh my gosh we are actually going to die and nobody is going to know. This is it. This is the end of Peyton and Jen. It was nice while it lasted, see ya.”

It literally took us about half an hour to figure out what was wrong, and whenever we did it was nearly the best feeling in the whole world.  I mean, the boat did start to move a lot whenever we clicked the one button into place and turned the knob the other way and screwed the loose bolt into the hole..BUT it was all worth it.  

When we actually got John’s friends, we went to these rocks where they jumped off a cliff basically into the lake.  One of John’s friends, Kyle, fell straight onto his back and it was so terribly painful to hear, watch, and just to imagine the way it felt on Kyle. Other than that, another one of John’s friends slipped on the cliff at the very top, this friend we are going to call Sam.  Sam, as I was saying slipped on the cliff at the very top and nearly fell very close to the shallow part of the rocks and almost hit his head.  He’s all good though, so it’s okay.  Sam is perfectly well and okay.

We then went back to the campsite so Kyle and Sam could set up as well.  When we were all done putting up our tents, making a fire, getting the food all ready and getting good music to listen to,  we all got our chairs and sat around the fire with a blanket around us. It was obviously summer, but it was going to be chilly at night as well. 

Jen and I went to bed in the tents around 12 in the morning or 1 every night because we were so tired from having a busy day and everything like that. We went to bed and a few minutes later we heard my dad saying how he found a snake just chillin’ up at the bathroom.

To go to the bathroom, you had to walk up this little path with a flashlight and it wasn’t even a good bathroom either.  It was a gross disgusting bathroom with no lights on the inside, toilet paper that is thinner than the kind we have at school and flies. EVERYWHERE. It was totally out of reach for my comfort zone.

Anyways, back to my story about the snake.  The snake was literally just up there slithering bro..what is up my man, then John was all like “Hey! Let’s cook it!” Yeah, totally John.  Let’s just cook a snake that might have multiple bacteria and viruses in it’s body and let it give it to us! Awesome I am so down!

Jen and I obviously flipped out and it was funny. We did not cook the snake.  We did take the snake back to where we found it and let it go so it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable.  After we took the snake back to the desired place where my dad has found it, we went back down to the campfire, sat around and just talked. No phones, No laptops, No nothing.  We just talked like normal human beings and actually listened to each other, made jokes and had fun with everyone’s company.

If you haven’t gone camping then I highly recommend to do it with the people you have fun with no matter what, with or without your cell phones, computers, laptops or any other cellular device.  I promise you it is a moment that is just waiting to be explored.