Morgan Baker

On this blog I will make a different dessert every week and share my experience with it, the recipe I used and whether or not I thought it was good or not.

This week on Scrumpdidliumpcous I will tell you about my experience in making a cookie dough truffle. This recipe required me to make three different layers of goodness, so let’s begin.

First I made the cookie dough layer. The recipe did not require you to bake it so the cookie dough had to be made without eggs or flour so that you couldn’t get salmonella.

So to make the cookie dough, I used brown sugar, butter, graham crackers, vanilla extract, graham crackers, kosher salt, milk and mini chocolate chips. First I combined the brown sugar and butter and let me tell you, it took forever. I did not have an electric mixer handy so I had to mix it by hand and the butter would not just blend. It probably took me about thirty minutes to combine the brown sugar and butter together. So if you have an electric mixer, I recommend you use it. I then ground up the graham crackers and added them and the rest of the ingredients into the mix. I mixed them all together, and I was finished with my cookie dough layer.

I then moved on to making the whipped cream layer. All I had to do for this layer was combine cool whip and mini chocolate chips and then that was done.

I then moved onto making the chocolate pudding. All I had to do for this layer was combine milk and the pudding mix and let it sit for five minutes.

I then layered all of the layers together in a truffle dish. First I put the cookie dough, then the cool whip, then I put Chips Ahoy cookies on top of that layer and then I put on the chocolate pudding layer. I repeated that process three times and then topped the whole thing off with more cool whip and some chocolate chips.

I personally enjoyed the process of making the recipe and the recipe itself. My family particularly enjoyed it as well, and over all I just think it’s a really great recipe to try out.

If you want to make it yourself here is the website I got the recipe fromĀ