Genuine Gianna: D. I. Y. cheap thrills

Making expensive products affordably awesome.


Louis Vuitton was a French box-maker and packer who founded the luxury brand of the same name over 150 years ago.

Gianna Ciavarella

Making expensive products affordably awesome.

D. I. Y. Louis Vuitton Wallet

Making a dank ensemble isn’t a hard as it seems. Louis Vuitton wallets are back and here’s how to cop a convincing one without breaking the bank.

Materials needed: small coin pouch with a zipper, tan and brown acrylic paint, two medium paint brushes, masking tape, gold key chain with a clip, needle nose pliers and hair dryer (optional).

To start off the wallet, lay down a tan paint as a foundation coat for the design. To achieve a perfect paint job, two to three coats may be necessary. Be patient in waiting for the paint to dry.

After it is dry, lay down the masking tape latitudinally onto the wallet; there should be seven strips of tape. Then take out every other strip to be left with four latitudinal stripes. Do the same longitudinally, there should be four this time. There will be two longitudinal stripes left.

Taking the tan acrylic paint, paint the open trace the masking tape has made. Pro tip: use an hair dryer to speed up your process of drying your wallet. Once its dried peel the tape off. Try to keep your woven masking tape in one piece it will help the process go faster.

Exactly repeating what was done onto the other side will ensure an exact replica of the other side of the fresh new wallet. If the steps are followed correctly the wallet should look like a tan and brown checkerboard, AKA one of Louis Vuitton’s’ signature designs.