Editorial: Varsity chorus, vocal ensemble deserve pat on back


Chasity Brunner

Break a leg! The varsity chorus sang their hearts out at this year’s holiday concert. On Friday, Dec. 1, the varsity chorus of eighth and ninth graders sang along side each other for 2017-2018 school year’s holiday concert.

Editorial Board

The varsity chorus and vocal ensemble did an absolutely fantastic job at their holiday concert on Dec. 1.

The chorus was led by the choral director Jessica Connell and  pianist Pamela K. Meiser. Pam has been a loyal helper for the junior high school and high school.

Vocal ensemble performed their five songs beforehand, then the chorus proceeded with their seven songs. The crowd was glued to the chorus the entire time, and it truly was a performance for all ages.

The chorus had a mixture of elegant and fun songs  included in their concert. They included songs of all types of celebration and were there to please everyone. The chorus as a whole sounded very well mixed, and they seemed to enjoy their time up there.

The crowd consisted of families and friends of all ages who seemed to sit with a smile on their faces the entire time. Every year they do an amazing job, and they truly know how to keep the crowd alive. Smiling and laughing along with the director, the chorus chugged along and finished the concert out with a bang. Their concert ended with a holiday sing along, which the crowd truly loved. The words to the songs were listed in the program so audience members could follow along. 

Connell, the choral director at this lovely establishment, led the crowd as they sang along with the chorus. The crowd absolutely loved it, and they even added funny interjections to the songs. The concert then ended and choral students were showered with hugs, congratulations and flowers. The chorus does an amazing job every single year, and never fails to wow the audience.