Barr receives STEM grant


Photo courtesy of Justin Barr

In late September, teacher Justin Barr earned a STEM grant. Barr is using this grant to purchase items for the students in AAJHS.

Maddie Detwiler, Reporter

First energy, a program that has given more than 1,000 educators and youth groups grants, awarded the junior high with a STEM grant in late September. 

 STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

More specifically, Justin Barr was the teacher who got the grant.

“When I learned I received the grant I was excited because it allowed me to bring some public publicity to the school and to increase positivity which was one of my main goals,” teacher Justin Barr said.

Before Barr earned this grant, he had to send in an application to receive it.

“Mr. Barr deserved this grant because he’s been working really hard to help us benefit from this,” said eighth grader Amiradama Smith-banks.

One can only apply for this grant once every year.

“I will apply for this grant again in upcoming years,” Barr said.

The stem grant was $1,000.

This grant will be used to purchase light brights motion sensor, electrical switches, wiring and 3d filament,” Barr said.

This stem grant was given to the junior high for the students to improve their STEM education.

“This grant will help to work with students with giftedness. These students need to be challenged and need opportunities to challenge their creative abilities in areas of math and ELA,” Barr said.

Some students do not have access of STEM learning opportunities.

“The school should provide a particular course that focuses mainly on the engineering process and includes lessons and projects that allow students to be creative to help define the project design and to share their product with the community,” Barr said.

Right now, AASD offers a TSA organization in one to two periods. This organization works on and produces designs that are aligned with STEM.

“I think teachers might need training to better incorporate STEM into daily lessons,” Barr said.

There are STEM majors students can pursue.

“I think I will grow up to be in a STEM career because I’m being taught the skills now that can benefit me in the future,” Smith-Banks said.

Some STEM jobs that offer high pay, low unemployment and robust growth include types of engineering.

“If I could choose a job to pursue in STEM I would choose engineering because you do a lot in that job,” Smith- Banks said.