Man of bones discovers Christmas land then finds true love

The Tim Burton spectacular stop motion, movie.

Jocelyn Fetter, Opinion editor

The Nightmare before Christmas, before the debate starts, yes. This most certainly is a Christmas movie. This movie will be a source of constant debate if it’s a Christmas or Halloween movie. Here’s what I think, this movie is acceptable to watch any time of the year. If you’re one of those people who start to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving (cringe), then this could be one of those “Christmas” movies for you. You know the ones you could  watch and you could get away with it. It’s obviously meant for both holidays considering they’re both in the movie.  

This movie is completely exceptional, although it did give me nightmares as a child. This movie has been around since I could remember, considering it’s been around since October of 1993. I personally think this movie is extremely  impressive. The movie is made entirely by stop motion, claymation content. The movie is full of animation that just comes to life, and it was a movie that actually kept my attention the whole time. The one thing that gets me about movies is they don’t always keep my attention, and I find myself getting bored when I watch them. I have always loved this movie, and I even find myself watching it in the most random times like during summer because it’s so universal, and I don’t feel weird about watching a “Christmas movie” during the summer.

In the movie, Jack finds himself becoming bored with Halloween Town, and sets out on an adventure with his dog Zero to find Christmas land. He then becomes completely fascinated with Christmas and does tons of research on it. He doesn’t quite understand why everyone is so happy and cheerful. This movie is basically putting fun twists on stereotyping holidays.  He finds that everyone in Christmas land is happy and full of joy; while everyone in Halloween town is dark and gloomy. Throughout the movie, he finds someone who thinks and acts the same, and in the end ends up falling in love…. Or does he? Guess you’ll have to watch and find out. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I highly recommend it! I have watched this movie three times this week and only one of those was for this assignment… why are you still here? Go watch it!