Morgan Baker, journalist

On this blog I will make a different dessert every week and share my experience with it, the recipe I used and whether or not I thought it was good or not.

This week on Scrumpdidliumpcous I will be discussing my experience in making macaroon Christmas trees. This recipe was definitely the hardest one I’ve tried so far, and it was the first time I had tried to make macaroons. So let us begin.

First I made the macaroons. I mixed almond flour and confectioners sugar in bowl; I then beat eggs with an electric mixer for fifteen minutes. This part was very taxing because I have a hand held electric mixer so I had to hold that mixer and beat those eggs for fifteen minutes! It was exhausting.

Once that was done, I folded in the almond/confectioners sugar mix into the eggs with a rubber spatula. After this step I piped the macaron mix onto baking trays (lined with parchment paper) in four different sizes. I then put them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

I had to bake them one at a time because I had to rotate the trays half way through the baking time. I also had to prop the oven open with a wooden spoon because that’s what the recipe told me to do. I baked the bigger ones for eight minutes and rotated them at four minutes. I baked the smaller ones for about four minutes and rotated them at two minutes.

Unfortunately the macarons cracked, which was (you guessed it) tragic. The knowledge I’ve gained from watching the Food Channel has taught me that macarons are not supposed to crack and it is sad if they do. However, I also know that macarons are very hard to make so I was not that devastated and carried on with the recipe, undeterred.

Once the macaroons had cooled completely, I took the biggest macaroon and piped vanilla icing onto it and then put the next biggest one on top of that one. I kept doing this until I had stacked all of the layers. I repeated this process three more times in order to make four macaroon Christmas trees.

I then covered the icing layers in red and green sprinkles in a pattern (red, green, red) and then sprinkled white sprinkles on top. I also sprinkled white sprinkles on the pan to make it look like the trees were sitting on snow, for the aesthetic. I then put some whipped cream on top of the trees and sprinkled red and green sprinkles on top of that to complete the look.

Overall, I thought it was tolerable enough. I think I put too much icing on it because that was all I could pretty much taste. My mom didn’t want to try i,t but my little sister tried it. She said it was okay. She agreed that I put too much icing on it though. So I’d probably give the taste on the recipe a 5/10 but the aesthetic was definitely a 10/10.

If you would like to try your luck with this recipe, here is the website I got it fromĀ