Ninth graders participate in high school sports


Morgan Baker

Winter sports have started again, and once again ninth graders have the chance to participate at the high school level.

The sports going on over at the high school this winter include swimming, winter track and gymnastics.


The swim teams record currently stands at 2-3 for girls and 4-1 for boys. Their next meet is against Huntingdon.

“I like swimming because the team is really great and we have a lot of fun,” ninth grader Karenna Kauffman said. “The workouts are definitely hard, but the team is great so it makes it not that bad.”

The swimmers workouts consist of swimming many laps in the pool and doing ab workouts in the water.

“I do the 200 free relay; they mostly put new kids in for two events that are typically relays,” Kauffman said.

Relays are where a group of people swim a race together.

Winter track

The track team has currently been to two invitationals this season. Their next meet is on Jan. 18, 2018 at Penn State.

“I like track because it keeps me active,” ninth grader Sarah Graham said. “It’s not that hard, but it depends on what we’re doing.”

The track workouts consist of anything from mile repeats, ab workouts, sprints or uphill workouts.

“I do the triple jump and the 4×4,” Graham said.

The groups in track consist of distance runners, sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers, poll vaulters and throwers.


The gymnastics team’s record currently stands at 4-0. Their next meet is on Jan. 17, 2018 at Bellefont.

“I like gymnastics because it’s fun; we all have a really good time,” ninth grader Kayla Blough said. “Gymnastics is extremely hard, you definitely need muscles in order to do it.”

The gymnastics team lifts weights in order to keep up their strength.

“I do all of the events for gymnastics,” Blough said.

The events in gymnastics are vault, bars, beam and floor.