Technology advances, society crumbles

Jocelyn Fetter , Opinion editor

Social media is a major part of 2018. Those of all ages use social media in some type of way in their daily lives. Grandmas have Facebook, my mom now has Snapchat and also has streaks with all of my friends…. this is just out of control. Social media has also  been making its way into schools.

It’s more popular now that students have chromebooks and Ipads at their constant disposal. Social media is constantly growing and changing along with society, and people are constantly improving technology. Interactive technology and the evolution of jobs and education are being completely overtaken by technology. Machines have been taking jobs from people for years, and at some point, the US might not have ‘people made’ products.

Think about it this way; machines can be made to do almost anything! Bakeries now use machines to make precise and flawless cakes and baked goods when they should be made by hand. Cars are now able to drive themselves, and people are making calls from the steering wheel. Technology is being taken to a completely new level of expertise and it’s quite impressive and quite scary.

Is anyone else kind of scared that robots are going to take over the world, or did no one think about that? Or what about the well known facts about later versions of phones shutting down when newer ones come out? Or is anyone else really scared that the FBI is watching them through their phone/laptop camera…. Yeah I’m putting a sticky note over my camera as we speak. Maybe I’m just paranoid, and a scaredy cat, but the future definitely scares me. Before we completely turn the world into a full 360, why doesn’t anyone sit back and think about some things.

Technology could potentially ruin the entire human race as we know it, or it could be extremely useful. Other than the fact that I completely tweaked whenever I thought about all the cons, there are also some major benefits. Technology can help with some major world wide problems: more research for finding the cure to cancer, military usage to prevent soldiers from getting hurt and improving education in schools. But another thing to consider:  technology is great… when it wants to work.

There are still a lot of kinks that could be fixed and a lot of medical issues that come along with technology. Eyesight issues and carpal tunnel can occur from using phones and computers for long periods of time without the proper support. Users can also develop back issues from looking down at phone screens for too long, and it’s making this generation socially awkward. Younger people are so used to texting and not having actual human contact, that they sometimes seem to forget how to talk to real life people. Technology has some very good purposes, but like everything else, it still has a long way to go, and who knows how long it will take to get there.