Editorial: Painted boxes spread happiness


Nice and Bright! One of the stand for the peace boxes set up outside of Mrs. O’Roark’s room. Students can fill out a slip and request a peace box. Photo taken by Ben Blackie

Editorial Board

Peace boxes are cheering up students everyday.

Peace boxes are such a good idea, and they could really bring true happiness into the school.

One of the eighth grade art teachers,  Sara O’Roark, heard of the idea of peace boxes.  The artist Franck de las Mercedes came up with the project, and it went from the year 2006 to 2016.   O’Roark thought it would be a great idea to recreate the project.  She was very smart while planning this project because students love it.  It is such a cute little thing and peace boxes bring smiles to students faces.

Peace boxes are spreading pure joy and more.  Almost everyday there are students talking about getting their boxes, and they are always happy about it.  Students often talk about what the boxes look like and the little details on them.

Everyday there are more and more students walking through the hall looking happier.  It is so nice to see people happy in the school. It is ironic that a little box can make someone’s day and cheer them up.

Many may say that this project is not worth it to buy all of the boxes and the ink to print the labels.  O’Roark got a grant to buy all of the boxes.  Another thing students might think is that they are a waste of paper because there is nothing in it.  The whole purpose of the project is to make people happy and if an empty box is the thing that does it then it is okay.

Students need to realize that this project is bringing happiness to the school, and the cost of the boxes is just a little factor.  The best thing that can happen is walking down the hall and seeing smiles.  

When students look upset, one action could help them.  Request a peace box for that student, it could make their day.  It is amazing that such a small object can have such an impact on the student body.