Stranger Things


Season one, episode five was really good and exciting. I liked it a lot.

Riley Steinbugl

On this blog, I will be talking about an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, each week, including things such as, what I think will happen, as well as my thoughts on the characters and the events that happened.

Welcome back to Stranger Things! This week on Stranger Things, we will be talking about season one, episode five. I really liked this episode, and I thought it was really good.

At the beginning of the episode, Chief Hopper is getting beat up by a security guard. I felt really bad for him because he was getting hurt. He was getting beat up for sneaking into the lab and snooping around. If I were him I would have done the same thing if I was suspicious.

When Hopper wakes up, he is at his house, and he is very confused. If I was in this situation, I would be confused too. He then feels his neck and notices he was pin pricked by the Lab. He then thinks to tear his apartment apart and he finds a microphone from the Lab that is listening to him. He destroys it immediately. If I found something like this, I would do the same thing.

A few days later, it is Will’s funeral. Mostly everyone still thinks Will is dead. At the funeral, the boys ask their teacher about a possible way to get Will out of the Upside Down. The boys know that Will is still alive and they need their teacher’s help. Their teacher tells them there would have to be a massive amount of energy to break a wall like that. I thought this was a super good idea because they could just use El to try and open the wall.

The boys then tell El about their plan to try and open the wall. She remembers being submerged in a tank at the lab to try and open the wall, so she tells them that’s what they need to try. When she said this, I was so happy they may be able to save Will. They then plan to do it very soon.

Nancy and Jonathan then look at some photos of Barb and see that there is a dark figure in the background. They think this is the thing that took Barb. I thought this was so scary and sad. I really hope they are able to find Barb because she has been missing for so long.

I thought this episode was really good, and I liked all the ideas they thought of. It was one of my favorite episodes and I’m glad they thought of a way to possibly save Will.

Tune in next week on Stranger Things to hear about season one, episode six of Stranger Things.