Seventh graders rewarded with ice cream


Students of team one gather around to watch the ice cream being made.

Abbie Starr, reporter

The seventh grade team one students were rewarded with SubZero ice cream on Thursday, Jan. 18. The SubZero staff demonstrated how they use liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream.

The team one students get rewarded every month or so as an incentive of good behavior.

“Every month we recognize the students that we feel have been good role models in the classroom, and we have a monthly team meeting. But every marking period or every so often we do rewards,” seventh grade English teacher Sonya DeArmitt, said.

During the first marking period, the students went to downtown Altoona. There, they went to the farmers market, the Mishler Theater and to the Southern Allegheny Museum of Art. In November, they were taken on buses and went to see the movie Wonder.

“They cannot have any office referrals for discipline, they have to be passing all five core classes, and then we have a strike system. If you get more than three strikes, you’re out,” DeArmitt said.

The demonstration also showed the effects of liquid nitrogen on a balloon, a rose, a flame and how it cleaned the floor. It taught students how the nitrogen is heavier, and it pushes the oxygen up.

“I really liked it,” seventh grader Brendan Aikens said.

Many other students liked it and thought it was a good way to help students want to behave.

“I think it was a great opportunity, and it was really fun,” seventh grader, Tyler Stirk said. Most of the students also had a lot of fun.

“I would definitely do it again,” seventh grader Aiden Everhart said.