Seventh grade teachers choose students of week


Maddie Detwiler

Seventh grade students are chosen to be student of the week. Whenever a student gets picked, they get recognized in various ways.

Maddie Detwiler, reporter

Teachers on the seventh grade floor are choosing students every week who they think are exceptional.

One of the seventh graders chosen was Sufana Hamid. Her name was mentioned over the announcements on Jan. 12, 2018

“I really like the idea of the student of the week because of the fact that everyone is really proud of you,” Hamid said.

According to teachers, Sufana Hamid is a “creative, well mannered  and caring student.”

“The aspects we look for include being a good role model, strong work ethic, good manners, treating others with respect and those who have shown great improvement,” teacher Randi Hovan said.  

Brittany Snowden was the student of week during the third month of school.

“This affects students by making them better behaved and more kind to each other,” Snowden said.

More specifically, the student of the week only occurs in one team which is the Railroaders museum team.

“I think more teams should be involved because it could give students a better chance of behaving,” Snowden said.

The student of the week puts a specific student in the spotlight because of the requirements he or she has met.

“Being on the announcements made me nervous because everyone stared at me, but I was excited to be the student of the week,” Snowden said.

“Being the student of the week made my family really happy and proud, and I was so happy that my family was proud about that,” Hamid said.

The student of the week started five years ago.

“Whenever I first heard of the teachers choosing students for student of the week I was thinking it was a good idea because I was new to English whenever I came here so it made me feel more welcomed,” Hamid said.

Randi Hovan was the teacher who came up with the idea of student of the week.

“It’s a good way to recognize students who are doing the right thing and it uses motivation for positive behavior,” Hovan said.

The five core subject teachers within the Railroaders museum team are the ones who choose the students of the week.

“Anyone can be student of the month. It is not just an academic award nut also based on behavior,” Hovan said.

After students become student of the week, the student gets recognized over the announcements, the teachers hangs up a picture of the student with biographical facts and teachers present the student with a certificate and lion loot.

“I liked having my picture hung up because people are learning a lesson from me being the student of the week, and it shows that everyone should have their priorities for being the student of the week. I was surprised when I heard my name on the announcements,” Hamid said.

New students become the student of the week every week.

“I think choosing kids every week is a good time,” Snowden said.