Stranger Things


Season one, episode six of Stranger Things was very exciting and answered a lot of questions that I had.


On this blog, I will be talking about an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, each week, including things such as, what I think will happen, as well as my thoughts on the characters and the events that happened. 

Welcome back to Stranger Things! This week, we will be talking about season one, episode six. This episode created a lot of questions for me and had a lot going on.

At the start of the episode, Nancy and Johnathan are looking for Will in the woods. Nancy ended up going through a portal, and Jonathan had to pull her out of the Upside Down. I thought this was really scary because if I was Nancy, I would’ve been so scared. I’m glad she got out though.

Meanwhile, Chief Hopper is telling Joyce about what he saw at the Lab and how he knows Will is still alive. I was super happy when Joyce found out because she knows her son is still alive now. I’m thinking she is going to try and look for him more now that she knows he is for sure alive.

Lucas, Mike, Dustin and El, are still on the hunt for Will. They have been looking all over the place and are determined to find Will. I love how they are always looking for Will, and they aren’t giving up on him.

The next day, Jonathan and Nancy go to the store to buy weapons to fight the demogorgans. They are trying to trap one and kill it. To be honest, I thought this was a pretty bad idea because they could get into some serious trouble. I don’t want them to get hurt. I think when they try and trap it, its gonna attack them.

This episode answered a lot of questions about what was happening and I’m very excited to see what the next episode has to show. I want to see what happens, and I’m sure it will be very good. Tune in next week to hear about season one, episode seven!