Students hide bookmarks in library


Students will be going down to the library on the last day of the marking period to hide their bookmarks. Whoever finds the bookmarks can keep them to use for the book they check out!

Maddie Detwiler, reporter

At the end of each marking period, art teacher, Sara  O’Roark introduces certain art techniques students use to create bookmarks. Students then take these bookmarks and hide them in the library.

Students will continue this tradition at the end of the third marking period by taking the bookmarks they are making in art class currently and tucking the bookmarks into any library book of their choice.

“I do like the idea of the bookmarks because I think the art students enjoy having their artwork showcased down here in the library. I know that the library patrons enjoy finding little surprises in the books that they check out,” librarian Justina McCaulley said.

O’ Roark started doing the bookmarks last year during the first marking period with the eighth graders.

“The bookmarks are a nice gesture for the students who find it to be a surprise to use it for a book just checked out,” O’Roark said.

Students practice color blading and coordination before making the bookmarks then they explore different ways of adding textures with paint.

“The bookmarks were interesting to make because we just used scrap paper,” eighth grader Liberty Saylor said.

The bookmark designs are abstract, so the students learn about abstract art while doing the bookmarks.

“I really like how the students are able to be creative with it,” McCaulley said.

Students are able to keep some of the bookmarks for themselves.

“I kept two of my bookmarks, and I am still using them,” Saylor said.

Extra bookmarks were sent to elementary schools.

“I sent them to Pleasant Valley, and a little girl that knew I worked at the junior high asked me if I knew Mrs. Bickel. I said I did, and she said she got one of our bookmarks today. So the elementary is connecting the two, and it’s a nice flow into the junior high,” McCaulley said.

Any grade can participate in finding the bookmarks.

“Seventh graders especially like finding the bookmarks. Some students turn it into like a scavenger hunt,” O’Roark said.

Students visit the library on the last day of the marking period to hide their bookmarks.

“I think visiting on the last of marking period is a nice conclusion to art,” O’Roark said.

“When I had art last year, I thought it was fun to go around in the library,” Saylor said.