Drama prepares for rendition of Mary Poppins


On Set! After many weeks of preparing for their play, Mary Poppins, the Drama club practices in front of their living room set. The cast built the sets after the original Mary Poppins set.

Ben Blackie, Photographer

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to the spring semester, the drama club prepares for their rendition of Mary Poppins. In the fall the club did their first 2017-2018 performance which was Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit. The drama club has been practicing the musical since  late December and since then have been eager to perform.  The performances are on March  second and third. They also do a senor citizen preview on Feb. 28. 

Warm Ups! Kaelab Ruggles participates in “Statue” which is when players freeze and other participants try and make the “statue” move. Ruggles and other cast members also did a round of improv.

Say Cheese!  Elly Eisel, Angela Petrarca and  Maegen Stiener “say cheese” for their cast photo. The rest of the cast also took a group photo.

Micheal Banks! Benjamin Kennedy says his lines as he prepares for the role Micheal Banks. Kennedy also sings many songs such as “Cherry Tree Lane part 1 and 2”, “Practically Perfect” and many more.

Chim chim cher-ee! Parker Cook (right) and Maegen Stiener (left) rehearse the song “Chim chim cher-ee”.  They also rehearsed their other lines along with their cast-mates.

Props! Most of the drama club members volunteered to help make the props on stage. Some props that were made included a fireplace, chimney sweeps, fake walls and many others

Mary Poppins! Angela Petrarca waits for her cue to go on stage. Petrarca auditioned back in December and ever since has been excited to play the role Mary Poppins along with her friends.