Hat day helps fundraise money for K-9 unit



A check is being given to Rik and his sheriff Ott. Rik is a little distracted and wouldn’t look at the camera.

Maddy Pincin, Reporter

On Feb. 9, 2018 the school held a hat day and staff had a dress down day in order to raise money for the Altoona K-9 unit.

February, student council decided to help raise money for the K-9 unit hoping to help pay for the K-9 dog named Rik. Rik is undergoing operation and the unit needed help getting the money for the expenses. The K-9 unit is glad that our school decided to help raise money for their unit. Not only did the students help by wearing hats and raising money but the school allowed faculty and staff to participate in a dress down day for $5.

“Hat Day is typically something the students get into and like having.  We thought it seemed like a great idea for an easy fundraiser for the K-9 unit,” ninth grade teacher Jessica Hogan said.

Students were able to wear a hat and participate if they paid $1 at the beginning of the school day. They each got a sticker to show they paid.

“Dr. Prijatelj started this venture for the entire district to join in and Student Council was happy to join in and help the cause!” ninth grade teach Hogan said.

Dr. Prijatelj started this whole fundraiser and chose to fun for the K-9 unit. Also, the school had special dress down day for this cause.

“AASD raised $4,033.17 for Deputy Rik.  His handler, or partner, is Deputy Steve Nadar,” community relations director Paula Foreman said.

All money was raised by the students and faculty and any other donations people decided to give.

“I understand they are in need of a new vehicle for transport of the dog, some new equipment and additional training for the dog and officer and other expenses related to the dog,” community relations director Foreman said.

Rik is going through an operation that will need a lot of money to get done and raising money to pay for these expenses truly helped the K-9 unit.

“The high school previously gave a donation to support the Sheriff’s other K9, Lily.  I believe it was 2014.  When the sheriff’s department announced the addition of Rik, they expressed their need for community support.  A parent had asked that we consider the possibility of a fundraiser.  Assistant Superintendent Patty Burlingame coordinated the efforts and our Superintendent, Dr. Prijatelj approved it,” community relations director Foreman said.

This was not the first time we helped raise money for the K-9 unit and a parent even considered it when the K-9 unit put out that they needed the help to raise money.

“The Sheriff’s Department has assisted AASD in different cases and to have the K-9 unit available in our immediate area is invaluable.  Rik is certified for patrol, he can sniff out explosives and he can be used  by the Sheriff’s department to assist with the Warrant Division.  This is a great opportunity to support a local resource that benefits our students and our community,” community relations director Foreman said.

Katie Lockard and Jamen Mccabe participate in wearing a hat during the school day. They donated a $1 to wear the hat.