Top Five of the Week

Caden Mcmaster, Reporter

*This is a blog where I go over the top five of something each week*

This week I am going over the top five Television theme songs.

Number 5: The Simpsons
This show has been around for over 30+ years and has easily been very recognizable for any generation.
The theme song has captured the hearts of many.

Number 4:Spongebob
One of the best shows for kids in my opinion and has some very memorable moments. This show also has a memorable cast and some very talented screen writers.

Number 3: Golden Girls
This show’s theme song “Thank you for being a friend” is easily recognizable with most adults, and with most of the cast having passed away this show has become immortal with the witty humor and the lovable cast.

Number 2: Friends
This show basically cultivated the 90’s. The show has inspired some huge trends and has a very catchy theme song with the Remebrandt’s song.

Number 1; The Fresh Prince of Bel-air
The show is about a black teenager going to California. With this great show comes a great theme song that anyone in the street would know because most people have grown up to the catchy theme.