Keeping up with the trends


Trends are hard to keep up with, especially because in our world, they’re always changing. If you want to be able to keep up with them all, I’m here to help you. Welcome to the AAJHS version of Vogue, and the Walmart version of  beauty “guru. 

This week I am going to be doing a look by Jenn Mcalaster.

Jenn is one of my favorite YouTubers, and I have always loved her style, so I figured, why not recreate it.

We’re first going to start off with her hair. Her hair is a simple straight haired look you can achieve with a flat iron.

Step 2, were going to work on her makeup. In this photo, Jenn doesn’t appear to be wearing any makeup, but you could always just do a natural look by using light foundation and light colors of eye shadow and maybe some chap-stick or light lip gloss.

Step 3, Next the outfit.

Jenn is wearing a striped shirt with a black jacket.

I really like this look together because these two items can be really affordable and might even be something we all have just laying around but just never thought of putting together. This look is especially good for the weather now that it’s still kind of chilly, and we all just want to look cute.

The pants, look to be black leggings. 

Although I don’t think it matters what kind of pants you wear, I think black leggings just would look the best.

The shoes. 

Just looking at them with a first glance I couldn’t really tell if they were combat boots or winter boots, but I decided combat boots would just look the best. I found these to be one of the most affordable and honestly, they also look the cutest.


Her glasses may be real, but no one has to know you’re just wearing these to twin with Jenn, the fashion community and your eyes will thank you later.

That’s all for this week, if you enjoyed, leave a comment and tell me what I could improve on and who you would like to see next week. :0