Life of a twirler


Strut your stuff! On Dec. 2, Caley Galarneau competed at a competition at the Altoona High field house. She placed second in her division. Photo taken by Chasity Brunner

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

The moments twirlers go through every week.

This past weekend I had a competition at the junior high field house. I competed in team, show twirl and strut.  As you probably already know, one of our girls did not have a costume so she wore a sparkly red costume to go with the theme.  We did pretty well, and we did not have too many drops for the new girl learning the routine and performing in a week.  We ended up placing second, and we competed against three other teams.  I did not expect to do that well, but we all had faith it would be okay. It ended up being just that!

For my show routine, I got a new costume, and it looked very good when I was performing.  Also, I did not realize that I am now in the 15+ age division, so I am now competing against girls much older than me.  Most of the girls in my age group have been twirling since they were little, and I have only been twirling for three years.  Although it seemed like I had a major disadvantage, I ended up placing second, and there were seven other girls in my category.  I did pretty well for my first time against all of the older girls.

It was my first time competing in strut, and I was extremely nervous.  Again I was in the 15+ age division, and there were four other girls in my division.  The other girls were very good, and I did not think I would do that great.  While I was doing my routine, my baton got caught in the straps on my back and unhooked them.  So I had to finish the rest of my routine with straps flying around and trying to keep my costume on.  I thought it was a disaster, but I ended up getting third place.  The judge did not say anything about my costume, but she definitely noticed it was undone. She seemed to like me and was very nice; I hope I get her as a judge again some time in the future.

I went home with two trophies this past weekend, and I could not be more proud.  I did not expect to place, and I ended up doing very well. The next competition is going to be very exciting, and I hope I do as good as I did this past weekend.  Anyway, join me next week when I talk about my progress as a twirler and my goals for the future.