Genuine Gianna: D.I.Y. cheap thrills


Gianna Ciavarella, Reporter

Making expensive products affordably awesome.

Today we are going to be looking at a crucial yet legendary piece. The classic Vetements Hoodie.

Say it with me family “vet-mons.”

If you’re going around saying “vet-A-mints” I don’t care who you are, that’s not cool. This hoodie first dropped in 2016. It was an instant hit when it was sported by Rhianna, Kylie and my dude Kanye. This is the kind of hoodie that says “No problem my guy, of course I’ve got a G to drop on a sweatshirt.” This piece is unmistakable for its overly drooped sleeves. You can notice it from across the room with the unmistakable white stroke metal inspired logo across the lower chest. The final detail is a white embroidered logo. It says “Vetements Automne-Hiver2016.” That means fall-winter in French my dude. When these hoodies first dropped they were $1200.

Materials needed: black hoodie in your size, black hoodie (XXL), Vetements chest logo on heat transfer paper, sewing needle, black thread, hood bogo on heat transfer paper, old t-shirt, brightly colored masking tape and a hot iron.

We’re going to start this look by cutting the sleeves off the hoodie that’s your size. Make sure to cut along the existing seam. Why are you doing this you ask? Well, we’re going to throw away those sleeves and put them in the trash were they belong and snatch the extra long sleeves to put on the regular size hoodie. Cut the sleeves off of the larger hoodie and get ready to sew.

Now you can grab your thread and put it through the needle. Take your long sleeves and attach them to the hoodie. Be careful and watch what you’re doing so you don’t prick yourself!

Now that your extra long sleeves are on your hoodie, grab your logo and get ready to make the magic happen. Using the masking tape, outline your mid torso section on the hoodie to make sure your logo has the ideal placement. Once you’ve added the tape grab your logo and place it down. Now here’s where that old t-shirt comes in handy. Place it onto the logo. Using your hot iron, press and glide along the t-shirt to place down the logo.¬†For the grande finale, use your bogo and place it along the hood of the hoodie. Then hot iron it after placing down the t-shirt.

And there you have it! A D.I.Y. Vetements 2016 Hoodie. Now you can show off to your friends what a true artisan you are.