The Greatest Showman thrills circus lovers

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The Greatest Showman thrills circus lovers

Jocelyn Fetter , Opinion editor

Let’s begin by saying this movie was one of the best films I have ever seen, and it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I had the pleasure of seeing this movie with my Grandma and my little sister, and it was truly a movie that pleased all.

As soon as I sat down in the seats and the movie started, I knew I was going to love it. My grandma and I watched the trailer four times on the way to the movie theater because we were so ecstatic to see this movie.

Ever since I was little, I have loved the circus. I would watch it every time it came to town, sometimes even three or four times. Any movie or show about the circus got me excited. I watched JoJo’s Circus every morning before school when I was younger, and I have re-watched American Horror Story Freak Show four times. I’m sure you can just imagine my excitement when I heard about this movie.

The movie begins with a man and a woman by the names P.T. Barnum and Charity Barnum. They start off in love singing on the rooftop of their apartment. They’re singing about starting their lives together when they announce they are expecting a baby.

The movie then moves onto P.T. at his current job where he gets fired and heads home. Once he’s home and he sees his daughters and wife, he gets an idea when his little girl says what she wants for her birthday, and they make wishes on what they want in life. The next day, P.T. heads to the bank.

At the bank, he asks for a loan.  After getting a loan, he then invests into a museum because he just wants to show the world something great, but his daughters help him realize this may not be the best way and that he needs something alive. Suddenly everything makes sense to P.T., and he moves onto getting recruits.

He runs all over town trying to find the best people and getting something truly spectacular put together. Once he gets these truly amazing people, he creates a show and calls it ‘Barnum’s American Museum of Curiosity’. People realize how truly odd this show is, and they love it. Barnum’s business completely blows up, and after a quite rude critic reviews his show and calls it a ‘circus,’ and he then changed it to ‘Barnum’s Circus’.

The circus sells out and blows up and goes through a series of events, and, like every movie, something goes wrong. The circus is burned down by people who disliked the ‘freaks’ in  the shows. P.T.’s life spirals out of control until he gets a grasp on what exactly he needs to do. They decide to not invest in another building, but a tent instead, and the show continues.

This summary doesn’t even do justice to the actual movie. The movie was absolutely spectacular, and I am beyond glad I had the opportunity to see it.

The soundtrack to the movie was also phenomenal, and I continue to listen to the music now while I am writing this article . The music fit very well with the movie and wasn’t sung at random times. I actually enjoyed the singing which was rare for me.

I give this movie a 89/10; it was so good. I am really looking forward to it coming out on DVD, so I can purchase it. 

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