Teen shelter provides safe place to hangout


Chastity Brunner

Shelter. The teen shelter sign is hung up in various places around the building. The shelter was built a little over a year ago.

Chastity Brunner, Photographer

The Altoona PA teen shelter is located at 1701 sixth avenue.

The shelter is a place for teens ages 12-17 to go. The shelter has various open nights for teens such as: game nights, pizza nights, taco nights, plus other various activities. It is also a place for teens to stay for up to 21 days.

When students go to the shelter it is an all around happy place to be. It is a place with a positive environment, and it is a place to go when wanting to go have some fun whether it’s a weekend or school day.

Over the past few months the shelter has had hundreds of teens come to join in on the events after school and on weekends.

The center cost $200,000 to build, as the sign says outside, and the money was raised in a very short amount of time.

The Teen Center is also for young people just trying to find a place to spend a few hours. Teens drop in after school, get help with their homework, stay for dinner and participate in nightly group discussion dealing with issues pertaining to their age group.

Family Services Incorporated started 85 years ago as an affiliation with the Children’s Aid Society of Pennsylvania. Its main objective was to care for orphans and destitute children in order to prevent commitment of these children to county homes, county jails and reformatories (http://bit.ly/2HGHEOY).