Students learn “The Treasures of Leadership” at student council conference


Public Speaking! Darrian Berkheimre and Cassie Kyle talk about their workshop. Kyle and Berkheimer also did their workshop with Adalynn Cherry.

Ben Blackie, Photographer

This year the school’s Student Council sponsored and hosted a student council conference. Although most schools couldn’t attend due to a snow storm, two schools did. Student Council members from AAJHS, AAHS, BGHS, HAHS and HAJHS enjoyed the conference and learned lessons from the workshops. Student Council Adviser, Elizabeth Bronson expected nearly 300 students to attend.

The day started off with the AAHS band performing game day classics and a few new songs. Soon after, Jason Christopher gave a motivational speech and wowed the audience with a hypnotizing stunt. After Christopher preformed, some of the AAJHS student council warmed up the crowed with some icebreaker cheers. Students then went to the workshops taught by both AAJHS and AAHS student council members. After the icebreakers, students had lunch and did a team building activity. The day ended with a speech from Bronson and some more icebreaker cheers. All of the students that attend the conference learned life lessons and had fun as well.

I NEED TAPE! Andrea Kiser and Nick Hogan help their team build the tallest tower out of newspaper. Kiser and Hogan’s team wrapped newspaper off of Lyzee Wilson’s body and taped a pole of wrapped up newspaper.

Icebreakers! Micheal Ricco, Samantha Abbott and Jacob Baney strut their stuff up on stage while they do warm up cheers at the end of the conference. Ricco Abbott and Baney also cheered at the beginning of the conference too.

Omg!  Lyzee Wilson and Rylie Whitaker build their teams newspaper tower. Whitaker’s team built off of Wison and got second place for the tallest tower.

Look! Matt Bowser shows off his groups paper football helmet at one of the conferences workshop. The workshop Bowser was in talked about making and achieving goals along with making paper sculptures.

Shake it off! Cassie Kyle, Mya Crownover, Shamus Walker and Jacob Baney perform various icebreaker cheers. Kyle, Crownover, Walker and Baney also performed at the end of the conference

Workshops. Cassie Kyle explains her workshop to the students who attended. Kyle taught her workshop along with Adalynn Cherry and Darrian Berkheimer.

See ya! Maura Brandt, Eve Hogan and Isabella Frank took a picture at the end of conference while students were leaving, Brandt, Hogan and Frank were three of the almost thirty AAJHS and AAHS students that attended the conference.