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photo courtesy of mattsimmo

The Last of Us is a game that will be coming out on June 14.  This game is amazing, and I can not wait for it to come out.  I decided for this game specifically I am going to do a preview blog and may update it when we learn more about it.

 I love this game first because there has not been a decent zombie game for PlayStation 3.  Other than that it gives off a dreary zombie feel by showing the destroyed city and the spooky silence.  I like the plain story behind it, a man and daughter try to survive together in a zombie apocalypse and have to deal with other humans as well.  Lastly, the game play is amazing with the shooting and combat.

photo courtesy of mattsimmo

The dreary zombie feel is definitely shown in this game.  While watching the game, I realized the sound is a large portion of what makes it spooky.  It is almost always quiet when it is with the right headphones the player can hear zombies breathing and water dripping.  Even when its raining the pitter patter on the window sounds spooky.  Other than the sounds the actual sights are great.  The story is taken place in Pennsylvania.  The main places are in the city of Pittsburgh and in Boston.  So places we all know and love.

The story of a man that is taking care of his daughter who is about ten or eleven years old makes the story breathtaking.  The story almost gives the player a motive to keep going and try to go to a safe place to raise a daughter.  The girl can help the player throughout the game she can climb up places to help the player get to the next session of the game.  In the demo it shows the girl getting boosted up to get a ladder to help the player climb up.

The combat of the game is amazing.  In the game the player has to realistically search for ammo and bandages to heal the player with.  The shooting is very accurate.  The hand to hand combat is where it is at in this game.  The player can pick up pipes and other items to help the player kill opposing forces like zombies and other people.  In the demo gameplay I saw the player picked up a pipe and was able to through a bottle at someone with a weapon to make him stumble.  After that the player went up and finished him up with the pipe so he can take the ammo off of the dead mans body.  To add to the suspense the player can grab someone and use him/her as a shield or can strangle them to death.

This game deserves its rating of a 5 out of 5 stars.  I would give it a 6 if possible.  I am going to pre-order the game and all I know is what I have seen.  It looks like an amazing zombie game that the PlayStation 3 will release and it will be great.