Students face fourth marking period


Sarah Weathersbee

Students in Mrs. .Juart’s class plan for labs they will do in the final marking period.

Sarah Weathersbee, Reporter

 As the third marking period came to an end, students started the fourth and final marking period on March 27, 2018.

New goals are arising for the new marking period.

“My goals for this marking period are to turn everything in on time and to strive for higher grades,” seventh grader Shyla Little said.

“My goal is to get perfect attendance and make sure I keep up with all my classes,” eighth grader Hanna Marketta said.

“I would like to work on exposing my students to new types of writing,” teacher John Garlick said.

Students prefer the fourth marking period over the previous.

“ The last marking period is my favorite because we basically work towards it all year. It’s like the final push of a race where you are so close to the end and you just want to finish,” Marketta said.

“ I like the fourth marking period the best because it means summer is coming and we finally get a break from all the stress,” Little said.

The fourth marking period is stressful from testing.

“The one thing I am the most stressed about is taking the standardised tests and trying my best to study and pass,” Little said.

“ The PSSA’s make the fourth marking period the most stressful. It’s hard to retain all the information and try to study everything before the testing begins,” Marketta said.

“ The PSSA’s are very stressful because it is like a downhill rush, and you have to make last minute adjustments. You also have to make sure everything was taught in a timely manner, and you covered everything dealing with the core standards,” Garlick said.

The fourth marking period also involves extra curricular activities.

“This marking period started track, and I’m very excited for all the meets and practices. I’m also getting involved with cheer,” Little said.

“Anime club is still going on through the fourth marking period and just recently we got approved for Comic Con next year. The students and I are very excited and we are also looking for ways to promote that,” Garlick said.

Students are trying to improve in their classes this marking period.

“ I would like to improve in science class. It will help me for biology class next year and the biology Keystones,” Marketta said.

“ I would like to improve my math grade and try to get all my grades above a 95 percent,” Little said.

The fourth marking period will currently end on June 4  and will then lead into summer break.

Student Mehki Perez works on
a worksheet with Elaina Wallace and
Kyle Pheasant. Photo by Ben Blackie