Keeping up with the trends

This weeks look is inspired by Erika Costell.


Jocelyn Fetter, Opinion Editor

Trends are hard to keep up with, especially because in our world, they’re always changing. If you want to be able to keep up with them all, I’m here to help you. Welcome to the AAJHS version of Vogue, and the Walmart version of  beauty “guru. 

This week’s look is more on the edgy side.

I chose this photo and look to create because this photo represents a lot of what the fashion sense of 2018 is.

As always, we’re going to work on recreating this look from head to toe.

Hair- I’ve explained quite a few times how to achieve wavy hair, but for people like me, it’s easier to watch it be done, so if you would like to have hair like this, watch this video, and they’ll teach you how!

Makeup- It looks like Erika isn’t wearing any makeup with her outfit other than maybe lip gloss, but you could spice this look up with some red lip stick after your regular makeup routine.

Outfit- This shirt has been seen everywhere for the past 50 years I feel like. This shirt is a staple item for almost everyone, and pretty much everyone has one. This is a typical idea of ‘edgy shirt’ that pops into your mind when you think of what to wear.

Pants- Ripped jeans are so common and easy to find anymore, but as always, here’s a solid example of what you could use.

Shoes- These shoes are the closest thing I could find to Erika’s, but you could find these at any ‘fashionably updated’ stores.

That’s all for this week, if you enjoyed, leave a comment and tell me what I could improve on and who you would like to see next week. 🙂