Top five of the week

Caden McMaster, Reporter

*This is a blog that goes over the top five of something each week*

This week I am going over the top five kids’ shows

Number 5: The Penguins of Madagascar
This show was a TV show about the penguins in the film Madagascar. This follows some short stories in the zoo and dives into the backstory of their life and how they got to be so smart.

Number 4: Adventure time
This show is about the adventure of a human named Finn and a magic dog named Jake, and this show is widely praised for the creativity of the episodes and how complex the characters are. I personally really like this show and how the characters are actually likable instead of just one sided.

Number 3: Phineas and Ferb
This show follows two brothers who are very smart and brainy. They create inventions that are very big and entertain the viewer to a fun viewing experience for the audience. This show has a lot of original songs and great stories

Number 2: Courage the Cowardly dog
This is about the cowardly dog named Courage who has to protect himself from all the crazy people out in the desert and make sure that his owner Muriel is safe. This is one of my all time favorite shows for the characters and the plot.

Number 1: Spongebob
One of the best TV shows in the modern year it has some of the most recognizable characters and the best stories. I have seen probably every single one of the episodes and have enjoyed them all. This show has affected all the students lives with the fun and exciting stories.