Generation Z makes decisions on gun control


Chastity Brunner

Hey there! Renny Santone, the Jr. High greeter, helps protect with school security. He stays by the main floor office.

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

Gun protesters need to understand background checks should be stronger, but both Millennials and Generation Z need to stop protesting guns in general.

Honestly, trying to ban guns completely is a terrible idea.  Let’s be real, you don’t see crystal meth being sold on shelves, but people are still getting it.  Just because guns will not be on shelves does not mean people will not get them.

Trying to get rid of guns will make the country weaker.  Have more security guards throughout the school buildings and let them carry firearms.  This will let schools protect themselves without offending all of the Democrats out there by letting teachers have firearms.  If we take away firearms, then we cannot protect ourselves from a shooting. To be completely honest, if someone comes into a classroom with an AK47 there is no way students can fight back or defend themselves before the shooter has some student shot and dead.  Yes students can run or hide, but if someone wants to kill a group that badly that they break into a school, they are going to kill as many people as possible.

It is a hope that individuals in Generation Z, specifically, realize what they are doing is only going to hurt the country even more.   Yes the shootings need to stop, but by taking away guns the bad people are still going to get them. Then when they come in to shoot up a building,  no one will have a way of protecting themselves besides hiding and hoping the shooter doesn’t come in because all they have is a pencil. 

I would feel a lot safer with more security guards, especially if they have a firearm.